Unconventional Art - Unconventional Spaces


A lone cowboy figure without their horse works daily throughout space of Ashland, herding a train of copper plates behind that interact with the surface of the land to simultaneously produce and obliterate marks into the matrices.

Prints are created from the plates to be corralled into the cowboy’s private ranch which occupies the public Churchill Lawn of Southern Oregon University.

This daily work of the cowboy transforms space into a site of reflection on the Western American cowboy mythology and experience with land.

Performances each morning of 4/24 - 4/27.


Hannah Bakken (b. 1993, Salem, OR) uses printed media, photography, video, performance, and installation to reflect on how the “cowboy narrative” intersects with constructions of gender, material economies, nationhood, and the environment. She will receive her MFA in Print Media from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2019 and received her BFA in Studio Art from Southern Oregon University in 2017.




Dr. Wilkins-O’Riley Zinn was a Professor of Education at Southern Oregon University,

as well as a successful lecturer and an accomplished artist. Fiercely devoted to making the classroom a nurturing, safe, and fun environment for both students and instructors,

Zinn emphasized creativity, kindness, and empathy in her teachings.

“Dr. Zinn’s Office” is a complete recreation of the space that Dr. Zinn inhabited in the

Education/ Psychology building at Southern Oregon University. This Installation is to

commemorate the spirit and absence of this beloved professor.


Ashley E. Clasby is currently attending the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at

Southern Oregon University. Clasby studied art at the University of Oregon with a focus

in Printmaking and Fiber Arts. Interested in the exploration of ecological aspects of the

human fostering sustainable action Clasby as an artist and teacher she hopes to help

future generations create a sustainable environment for the human condition to

positively thrive, just as Zinn.


Ben is an industrial designer with a passion for cars and motorcycles. Form and function existing in unprecedented harmony inspires me to create. Gradel's work are able to tell a story with  designs that add a complexity that allows a philosophical element to be present that always creates greater interest within a piece.


Stop by the exterior of the Computer Science Building at the SOU Campus to view Gradel's work during the festival week!

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