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Synesthesia (n): 1. a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.


The perceptual phenomenon of synesthesia affects roughly 1 in 2,000 people. These “synesthetes” experience the world with a crossing of senses from the same stimuli. It’s no surprise that many synesthetes are artists. And the parallels between our job of bringing truth, visceral and meaningful connection, and empathy into the realm of theatre are becoming even more direct as we as a culture become less connected with the world around us and narrower in our literal fields of vision as we are glued to our phones.

What we can learn from those who live with synesthesia is to fully understand the way in which we all perceive the world in beautifully individual, personal, ways. Synethesium will be a celebration of the limitless possibilities of expressing music through colors, colors through music, and an embracing of the very things that have connected us long before technology advanced to point it is at today.


Patrick Russell is a professional actor, director, and acting instructor based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Recent performances include Love’s Labor’s Lost, As You Like It, and Noises Off.  Patrick is a guest instructor this year, teaching movement for the BFA in acting program at SOU.


Mikayla Mattocks is a junior theater major and a synesthetic. She has been in Secret Garden at SOU, in Alice Isn’t Dead in the Fringe Festival of 2017, and in Dulcet, the A Capella group on campus.  Mikayla has also been in the Chamber Choir here on Campus and is pursuing a career in acting


CAST: Ben Caldwell, Marie-Claire Erdynast, Austin Ewing, Kathryn Falby, Hayden Givens, Laura Hay, Katie Herling, Galen James-Heskett, Bucanan Howard, Dominique Knight, Marilyn Langan, Alyssa Marie Mathews, Annie Murrell, Christian Nikolov, Demitra Olague, Sarah Potter, Hunter Prutch, Lauren Taylor, Hunter Sims-Douglas, and Madeleine Wack.

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