Unconventional Art - Unconventional Spaces


WAS IT THE WIND? is about asking questions and listening. Relying heavily on dance and recorded sound, the piece will explore the space between what we think we know, what we think we want to hear, and true curiosity. Performing outside and heavily influenced by our relationship to nature, the piece will use sound installed in unlikely places and performances happening in the round with one another to encourage audience members to consider someone else’s experience as different from their own, but carrying equal weight and helping us collectively remember that we are better together because we come from deeply differing experiences.


Erin Bednarz (left) is an interdisciplinary artist from Minnesota working out of Seattle for the past nine years.

She is a founder of new play accelerator Umbrella Project, and is company member at Annex, Live Girls! and Washington Ensemble Theater.

Erin was named 2015 RAW Artist of Seattle, and was awarded the 2016 Sound Design Apprenticeship with Intiman Theater.


Zoey Cane Belyea (right) makes theatre from the perspective of poetry and movement.

She has recently moved to Ashland from Austin, TX where she was a company member with Gale Theatre Company and Artistic Director of TETHER theatre/dance.  With TETHER she wrote and performed in collaborative pieces across Texas and the southern united states.  Their first piece, An Unimportant Failure, was named best of the week at Frontera Festival in 2015.



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